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Crypto Presale and Launchpad

OnSwap is the best platform for the pre-sale of new digital currencies that creates a bridge between your company and your users to instantly sell your coins and receive the money in your wallet at the same time and create liquidity for your project.Working with OnSwap is very easy and completely free. Register your crypto in minutes and place it on the crypto launchpad and coin launch . away Many investors are looking for tokens that are newly created and have high potential to advance in the cryptocurrency market OnSwap has thousands of visitors from all over the world every day Those who are very willing to invest in your project. After registering the project, our team will fully review your crypto and your founding team. Your project must have a reliable website and a good whitepaper that clearly mentions the goals of your project.After registering the project in the presell application, you can send your token sale link to your users so that they can easily buy your crypto presale , or you can put the link on your site so that they can buy directly from your site. Currently, OnSwap supports Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon blockchain cryptos, which will be added to this list over time. The minimum amount of tokens for offering sales is 10% of all available tokens. The market cap price cannot be more than 10 million dollars. And you can extend the presales time up to 2 months depending on your needs.Launchpad crypto is a special opportunity for attractive projects that need capital to promote the project.If you have any problems or questions related to project registration, contact our support team via email.

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