Five presales to look out for in December 2022

IMPT has one of the hottest presales on the crypto market, having raised over $14 million. Interestingly, the IMPT team has been concerned with improving its product offering by onboarding more brands to its affiliate program. Currently, it has expanded to include Samsung.

This eco-friendly cryptocurrency is aiming at changing the carbon credits space. Following that, it raised over $14 million for its presale on its shopping platform. With this latest milestone, IMPT is well on its way to becoming the most successful crypto project ever.

In this article, we’ll go over the details of IMPT’s first presale stage. In addition, we’ll also explain how Dash 2 Trade (D2T) and Calvaria (RIA) has great potential, just like IMPT. Don’t stop reading!

IMPT’s Ambitious Aim

IMPT in early 2022 and has secured partnerships with top names across multiple sectors. In the last few months, companies like Netflix, Microsoft, and Amazon have joined its network of affiliates. 

The role of these top companies is to offer a part of their revenues and resources towards fighting climate change. IMPT aims to promote environmental sustainability across the world.

Additionally, this blockchain project allows all its users to buy carbon credits, which can then be used to offset their carbon footprints. Generally, it is a crypto-based tool that uses the technology’s power to tackle the growing climate change problem.

IMPT’s team has set big goals. One of which is connecting brands with businesses and individuals looking to offset their carbon footprint. To achieve this, the project will use blockchain to improve accessibility to carbon trading and offsetting.

Each retailer must donate a percentage of each sale made through the IMPT app or widget. Then, they can decide how much they want to donate to the platform’s audited governance, environmental, and social projects.

Also, consumers can choose their favorite brands by comparing sales margins for each retailer’s green projects. Every investor that shops online with the IMPT app or widget will be given IMPT tokens, which they can exchange for more carbon credits. 

Most of all, IMPT rewards consumers for “responsible shopping.” This project focuses on rewarding its users for shopping with companies with high ESG scores.

Consumers who shop through the IMPT shopping platform can earn IMPT as cashback rewards for their spending, which can then be redeemed for carbon credits as NFTs to showcase one’s green credentials.

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IMPT Announces First DEX Listing On Uniswap

IMPT released a statement on Friday, December 2nd, announcing that the official token presale is weeks ahead of schedule, and IMPT coins will be making their first DEX listing on Uniswap on December 14th. 

The token will later appear on LBank and Changelly Pro before the year ends, so don’t miss your chance to get the tokens on presale before the IEO. 

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IMPT Affiliate Program Onboards Over 25,000 Brands

IMPT’s ecosystem is powered by the presence of ESG brands and customers. Therefore, this blockchain project adopts a two-pronged approach to pass as one of the most sustainable crypto assets in the space. 

The presence of ESG brands primarily allows customers to use the ecosystem’s green products and have a minimum environmental impact.

Customers can also earn carbon credits by exchanging their IMPT tokens and selling them to the marketplace or carbon offsetting companies.

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